Girls, would you date a guy like this?

  • Yes, they are real men.
    10% (1)
  • Maybe‚Ķ
    10% (1)
  • No, they are losers.
    80% (8)
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  • hell no

    • This is a thing in the USA. The tune their diesels to smoke like that.

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    • ha ha ha we may get into trouble if they read this

    • Yeah, well Toyota has taken over big time in the USA. While there is anti Toyota people in the USA there are lots of people that love them there as well. Toyota has just taken over but it is because they are such great cars. That is why.

What Girls Said 3

  • NEVER! disgusting, childlike behavior. Not to mention blatant disregard of others. And he is polluting... GOD what a TURN OFF!

    • That black shit from a diesel engine causes cancer.

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    • Yes, did I tell you about our Link Buses in Auckland?

    • Auckland's Link Buses are 3 different colours. Red, Green and Orange.

      Red = City Link
      and takes you up and down all the main places you want to go in the very centre of Auckland city.

      Green = Inner Link
      That connects the inner Auckland suburbs to the centre of Auckland City.

      Orange = Outer Link
      That goes to Aucklands outer suburbs and connects them to the centre of Auckland city.

      All 3 colours drive in circles around the city, both clockwise and anti-clockwise and you catch the bus on the side of the road that suits you best for where you are going and they come very often.

  • Hahahaha it's the norm here where I'm from. It's all oil field guys with their big trucks that do it. I think it's kinda funny actually but I like crude humour like that. And yes I've dated guys with trucks like that , that roll coal.

  • Never ever