Is jumping into a relationship fast a bad thing?


So me and this girl meet online on a dating app (not tinder) So their's already this preconception that we are both looking for a releationship.

We both decided to meet that night. Things where going well when we where messaging, we meet up and things are going even better. We have a lot in common etc etc etc.

So one thing leads to another we end up kissing. (A lot)

I like this girl and she likes me.
My question is, is it a bad thing to jump into a releationship like this?

Just so you know this was meant to be a friendly meet, not a date, but one thing just lead to another. I didn't go there with the idea to make out with her. And I'm sure she didn't either.

Some of you will say it's lust. But can lust turn into love?
We get on well. we make each other laugh etc etc

would this relationship be doomed to fail because we rushed or do you know of relationships like this working out.

I'm 24 she's 23.


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  • I think it varies. It's not live at this early point. You still have a lot of getting to know each other to do. In most cases, it is bad to jump into a relationship, although that is exactly what I did with my current boyfriend.

    But before he and I started talking, I had done a lot of work on myself, got very clear on what I want and need from a relationship, and had talked to a LOT of other guys so I was confident my head and heart were both I this.

    So we jumped into being exclusive quickly.

    But if you DO Jump into it, don't neglect to still build up that friendship with her, and try to pace the relationship at least a little ;)

    • Okay.

      the way we text hasn't changed because of what happened last night if you where to read our texts you would just think we are friends which I guess is good then.

      We haven't really talked about it. haven't really set down any ground rules about being exclusive etc etc So that's something we are going to have to do.

      The who thing last night was spontaneous, and the kissing definelty wasn't planned it was supposed to be a friendly meet , So I guess in some ways we both felt like we where ready to jump into a releationship?

      My last relationship I jumped into that. but this one has a compeltly different feel too.

    • I would say that you've established that you both have a strong attraction to each other.

      With online dating, where both involved are looking for a relationship, sincerely, I think there is a general acceptance that things will move a bit faster than meeting in real life through friends, etc.

      That said, it would not be hurtful for you to go on another date or 2 or 3 before laying out the groundwork for being exclusive.

      When I say build the friendship, I don't mean "are your texts friendly." I mean get to know each other on deeper levels. Don't rush through to the deeper levels, but don't let the passion fully take over and everything be about making out/sex/etc. Enjoy that stuff, but keep a good amount of focus on building the foundation of the relationship of you want to last

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