Did you ever have a huge, uncontrollable crush on someone that ended up liking you back, and then you dated?

Every time I have a crush on someone it never goes anywhere... which is why I've given up on romance. Cus it never works out.. ESPECIALLY if it's someone I really like. If it's someone I don't really like that much, maybe we'll end up dating, then breaking up.. cus there was never really anything there to begin with.. but if it's someone I REALLY like, they never like me back.. we never end up dating.

So now there's this guy who I really really like again.. and I'm trying to just force myself to forget about him because based on my history nothing will happen and I'll end up just looking like a stupid infatuated girl.

But I was wondering if it's just me and my bad luck... or if it's this way for everyone?

  • Yes but we never end up dating
  • Yes and then we started dating and I realize I don't really like him
  • Yes and then we started dating and it was a wonderful relationship
  • No, I hate everyone. and everyone hates me. lol
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What Guys Said 1

  • Where's the "no but I always get huge crushes and nothing happens out of them"


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm having a crush right now I wish he likes me back :(

    • Me too... and I totally wish the same.. but I'm just going to forget about it... maybe you have better luck than me and you should try talking to him. Just don't tell him you like him.

    • Aw thanks but you shouldn't give up! :)

    • lol I guess I shouldn't... ;)