What do you think this girl wants?

Girl and I work together on a project at work. She has a boyfriend so it makes it complicated, but I'm not sure he's a good guy. Anyway, we traveled once together and seemed to hit it off. Really got to know each other, by the end of the trip we were sharing food together and she was asking me everything about my life. We have argued and disagreed quite a bit on this project. One night we were arguing on the way up to our rooms and we stop in front of my room and continue discussing the project. I finally turn to unlock my room and say "I have to pee but we can continue our conversation..." She kind of chuckles, hesitates, and says "no we can talk on the plane tomorrow" I was like Hmmm.

on then plane we continue getting to know each other. I felt I maybe saw a jealous side. I was checking out a girl, and she says "that girl is thinking, why is that dude checking me out?" And I was like "but I wasn't!"

then on on plane I was staring at another girl and she says "what are you looking at?" Then later I say I need a massage do you think flight attendant would give me one, and she says no but that girl probably would (the girl I was staring at earlier).

so anyway she acts weird all the time and I don't get her. I'm cool with being friends but again I can't read her. I mentioned a couple times I had to travel a lot coming up and she seemed like sad or worried about it. Like would look down and say "I hate travel" all sad.

i don't really know what she wants from me. She will seem to find work reasons to call me and we will sometimes talk for an hour about things we are frustrated about. Two weeks ago she called me and hinted at lunch. Then I called her right back be I forgot to tell her something and she says I'm in lunch room did You want to eat?

what does she want you think?



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  • I think you are reading into this too much

    • Possibly, she's super hot I can't tell

    • Probably - I'm like damn she's sexy! She wants my attention? I'll give it to her

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  • Her behavior sounds friendly towards you.

    • Friends only you say?

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    • People get possessive of their friends as well. It happens.

    • Like that? she will call me and we'll talk for long time, she always Calls me. I will Skype or email and she will ignore! She also like Skype me and say I am in your building (at work) and I'm like okay? Then she'll say can I borrow your charger? She will also tap my leg under table then apologize. Then uncross her legs and hit my calf with her foot and not say anything

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  • You're looking into things too much.

  • Attention, attention is like a drug to many women.

    • That's what I thought too but I'm like not into that but she won't leave me alone. What's with that?

    • Perhaps she needs a sound board