Something Unforgettable?

I wanna do something really special and fun and unforgettable for my boyfriend..but I have no ideas ! =(

So whoever sees this please answer with the first idea that pops into ur mind...from really simple stuff to sex and ANYTHING :D

Thank you (:


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  • the best most mind blowing thing is ask him what he wants then just do it for him

  • For his pleasing, I would suggest asking him what he REALLY wants. Only he knows what he really likes, so ask and offer to do it (as long as it's within your own boundaries).

    I know that when a girl desires a guy, like, she's really burning for him, for his touch, it's really hot for a guy; To know he's desired and that she's really horny for him. Don't fake it though, that just ruins the whole thing; Just let your natural appreciation of him come through and show how much you like him.

    For ideas, maybe try:

    Massages (sensual) link (sexual) link

    BJ link link

    Foreplay link

    Kissing link

    Sex link

    or just go link for all the above links, a sex positions dictionary and more.


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