Honestly why did he text me if he wasn't interested?

so there was this guy in my engineering class who I thought I liked. Basically we exchanged numbers finals week and I asked him if he was seeing anyone... To which he replied saying he was single and was ready to mingle. Than he told me I was beautiful he loved my glasses etc. and he really liked me. It made me really happy and we made plans to hangout after break. Than the day before we were supposed to hangout he texted me saying that. He had a girlfriend and he didn't want to hurt her because she was a great girl and the only reason he lied was because he liked me? Than I just said it's okay and he said he was an asshole but I didn't really care just said we could remain friends, than he tried to hook me up with his best friend? I just said no thanks, today I saw him at school and I just stopped him to say hi and basically he just avoided the topic and asked me what classes I was taking and said "okay good seeing you good bye!" And left? I just thought wtf and kinda went back to what I was doing and than like 5 min later he texted me saying he was sorry because he had so much on his mind and that he couldn't chat but next time he saw me we would chat. Than I just texted him lets hangout and than he never responded?

What is he thinking he's being shady and weird, honestly I don't even really like him like that I just want friends.
Need opinions please answer


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  • This Is a dude who doesn't know how to say no. He felt bad and wanted to apologize but he doesn't want to see you because he thinks is awkward. Why did he invite youth chat? Because he diden't want it to sound like he was hopeing to never see you again. Which I think is exactly what he wants.

    • Yea I'm pretty much not going to bother him lol. I didn't even like him very much in the first place. He didn't even have to text me. He could have just said, oh I got to go also yeah my girlfriend probably wouldn't like that we were talking so yea... And I would've gotten the picture, the way he's doing it is just shady. Like don't text me if you don't want to talk to me shit. I'm not trying to see him anyways

    • Did I even do anything wrong here? Honestly.

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  • He enjoys talking to you, but that doesn't mean he is interested in actually dating you.

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