Should I wish my ex boyfriend a happy birthday?

He broke up with me 6 months ago after almost 2 years together (and years more of friendship beforehand) about 3 months after the break up I cracked thr no contact and drunkenly told him I loved and missed him, he replied and said he missed me and always thinks about me and our good times but doesn't think he could go through it all again. Its been over 3 months now since that convo and we haven't talked/seen each other since. I'm still in love with him despite trying to move on these past months. Should I wish him a happy birthday? I don't think he's been seeing anyone since the break up (we have mutual friends)


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  • If the dilemma is bothering you , you should wish him. You already broke the no contact rule so..
    You should try to move on or patch up. This transition is not healthy at all.

    • I broke it after 2.5 months but its not been almost 3.5 months since I've contacted him so I think that's a pretty long time. I'm afraid in case he won't reply or will he even cared that I stayed up until midnight to wish him a Happy birthday...

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    • Don't expect him to reply. He said thanks that's good. any non-asshole would do that. Not enough to conclude if he still wants you or not.
      If I wee you i:'d try to move on, but if you are so desperate, you can get some of your mutual friends to help you know what's going in his mind right now. Bring you up in conversations and see how he reacts.

    • We don't really have mutual friends that close that i could ask them to do they unfortunately ;(

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  • If you think that you should wish him a happy birthday, do so. But do not go back to him, no matter what.