Am I a "nice guy"?

So I'm starting to realize that I'm a nice guy

Despite being good looking and having a healthy body, I'm too much of a coward with girls. I barely ever approach them because I'm afraid and I end up alone and I don't really care about the bad guys and players, but I do wish I had their bravery.

It really is bad when people ask me why I'm single because deep down if I wasn't such a coward I wouldn't be.

My friends tell me I'm a great guy, and they're right but sadly I can't show this to girls

Am I a nice guy?


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  • see here to answer all of your questions-

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      *https://www. girlsaskguys. com/relationships/a26030-the-irony-of-nice-guys

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    • I can understand rejection, the problem is I feel like I'm wasting her time if I approach her, like why would she want to get to know me and not the guy sitting over there. It really fucks with my head

    • okay well... that's a sign that you have to work on improving certain parts of who you are, first and foremost your confidence, so that you don't really worry about why she would talk to you instead of the other guy. Give her reason to make time spent with you worthwhile.

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  • Being a coward doesn't make you nice.

    • Yea I know, I'm just asking if my description makes me the "nice guy", you know the guys who are saying stuff like nice guys finish last

    • If you think ur nice and that means women should fuck you then ur that nice guy. Otherwise, no.

    • Yea I don't think that at all

  • Of course you are a nice guy, just try o me more confortable with girls. I know it's hard but you'll can do it. You are a very shy guy right? Some girls really like it and are looking for boys like you.

    • I'm just shy at first, my friends know that I'm really open and funny around them though

    • Yes, you aren't comfortable with girls, it's normal, and it's quite cute to be like that, trust me. True girls will like that. When you'll be in front of your girl you'll know that in that moment you don't have to be shy, and you'll feel good and confortable. Maybe no one of the girls you talked too made you feel confortable.

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  • it's not that you're a nice guy, you just need to grow a spine. even nice guys have a spine.

    start getting more comfortable with girls and accept the fact that you may get rejected the first time or the next 3 times, but you're still doing something and you'll get through life if you keep trying.

    • no I mean, based on my description of myself am I the "nice guy" that's talked on about on the internet?

    • just because you're scared to approach women? no.

      the internet nice guy becomes bitter and hateful towards girls who reject him.

    • Oh I see. I've been rejected before and it hurt for a while but I'm not mad or anything.

  • You are a coward.

    • Yea I know but I want to change

    • First you should know difference between a nice guy and a coward. Nice guys treat girls nicely because it is their nature, while "nice guys"(cowards) treat them nicely because they fear messing things up and getting rejected. If you want to change then you have to get the fears of being rejected out of your mind. In order to do that you should see through the positive point of view of asking a girl out, and stop thinking in a negative way. Just think about the good things that could happen to you if you get a girlfriend.

  • Nice guys finish last, sorry. Treat us mean keep us keen.

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