Dating your best guy friend?

So, I'm sort of dating my best guy friend. We've hung out for the past two days and we're going to prom together. Everything is still up in the air and I know that when we both catch out breath then we can talk about everything. Is this even a good idea? He's a year younger than me so I'll be going to college this fall while he's still in high school. We've been friends for three years and it has been really great. It's just one of those things where it could definitely be more now, but is the timing off? Do any of you have experience in this department?


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  • Wow, the bestfriend becomes the girlfriend, I've heard about that. I like those relationships better where you start off as bff and then gf/bf then get married , a girl can dream. I think you guys are cute and if this is what both of you want then by all means, go for it.

    • It seems really nice so far since we already have that established comfort level with each other. But he just got out of a relationship (it wasn't a good one, he wasn't happy) and I was already sort of talking with this guy who ended up being toxic. So I suppose both of us are happier now. We are still young but we definitely act like an old married couple sometimes.

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    • Thanks!

    • @Asker your welcome

  • Oh thats a terrible idea.

    • Haha yeah, probably. It not a very logical decision at all