Why do girls do this?

I work at the mall and two girls would come in frequently. One a blonde and one a brunette. They told me they was 18. I'm 20 by the way. They will both flirt with me and soon we exchanged numbers and added e/o on social media. I liked the blonde from the get go. The blonde and i will text kissing/in love emojis faces and talked about hanging out soon. The thing is when it was time to hangout she'd make up excuses why she couldn't make it. I soon found out they lied to me and they are really 17 not 18.

Point is why would the blonde lag it last minute? we no longer talk and i haven't seen em both anymore but just wanted to know why would a girl do this like bigtime flirt and the backoff.


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  • Some people have a habit of doing that. They enjoy flirting, yet they lose their interest before arranging a date.


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