Ones a cheater always a cheater?

Im not specifically asking about guys, this is not a rant about guys. im talking about both genders. the reason i bring this up is because i used to be a cheater and i have matured and changed (now i dont see the point of being in a relationship if i feel like cheating on the person. we're just wasting each others time) but even when im dating someone, i still have this urge to look at other guys, flirt with them if i find them attractive, maybe even get their number. i wouldn't go as far as cheating on someone (like actually having sex with someone else or even kissing someone else) and i used to think that "ones a cheater always a cheater" is completely false, but at the same time now im realizing that that cheating mentality never fully goes away. what do you all think?


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  • Once a cheater is always a cheater is true..
    People can't change who they are, they can only become better version of themselves..
    A cheating woman is only good as fuck buddy or friends with benefits... Although i never show that im just using her for sex but in my mind... I always know that im just fucking her till i find a loyal girl with whom i can have a long term monogamous relationship...

    • Once a guy stops caring for a girl... at that point u know he no longer sees her as a long term partner...
      When he doesn't ask u questions.. Doesn't bother u cry or laugh.. He just flirts with u and fuck u...
      Girls like u cry all their lives that u never found the true love... because the guy who truly loved u.. u jerked him around...

    • Did you not read the whole thing. i clearly said i dont cheat anymore, just sometimes have urges and that is why i wonder if that phrase is really true. if the mindset never fully changes. and i've never been caught cheating, so i've never had a guy thinking "she cheated on me, but oh well we'll just be fuck buddies" i've been proposed to multiple times and had guys asking me to have their babies. that is one of the reasons i changed my ways, i just felt bad. they took me seriously, while i was being sneaky. and you using women like that doesn't make you any better then them. because the way your thinking is EXACTLY how a cheating female thinks. like "well i can't take this guy seriously he's not what im looking for, but i'll just fuck around for a bit until someone better comes along".

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  • I consider it false, but I wouldn't risk being with someone who cheated on his partner in the past.