Is she interested or not? I asked her to hang out?

Well earlier this week I was talking to her after class. At the time I got the feeling she was interested in me. I asked if she wanted to hang out this weekend. She said maybe let me know. So I texted her today with some plans asking her if she wanted to go with me to this place tomorrow. She replied she wasn't sure if she could make it and would let me know tomorrow. Then she added "but Sunday might also work." She wasn't definite about anything.

How do I take this?


What Girls Said 1

  • She is obviously uncertain about you. Anyway, ask her if she is going to be able to come tomorrow.


What Guys Said 1

  • Hey dude... ur fucking it up.. she refused first time and told u she will let u know...
    But u didn't wait and acted needy and desperate and texted her again... have some self respect man.
    She is fucking jerking u around..
    She said Sunday... tell her 'im busy Sunday, i have to meet a friend, we will do it some other time.. whenever ur free let me know'
    And after that dont ever ask this girl out.. even when she meets u in class.. just say hey how r u and then leave... don't behave like a doormat because then she will lose all respect for u and she can walk all over u...
    If she has interest in u... she will text u... She won't say hey let hangout... She will just text hey how r u..
    Then u ask her out.. She will say yes..
    Act like a guy who has value and a lot of options with women...