Would you rather find a girl naked in your bed or in lingerie or with clothes on no panties and bra?

I prefer to sleep naked but I'm not sure if that is appropriate every time I sleep over at my boyfriends house. Do you think he minds if I was to get into bed naked every time? Also do you think he would prefer some of those times if I was in lingerie? Or do you think just a T-shirt with no bra and panties? Tshirt and sweatpants with no bra and panties? I only ask because I'm not sure how he feels about me being naked in bed. The only time I ever got naked in bed with him before he could undress me was a night I showed up before he got home and I wanted to surprise him. I'm not quite sure how he felt about it because he came home drunk. I think he liked it because once he realized I was naked he cuddled right up with me. I just felt weird about it because I had never done that before around him. So I'm just wondering a guy or girls opinion on how they feel a girl should dress for bed. Thanks


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  • Naked in bed lol.


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  • I wear a singlet and gstring to bed, it's comfy and still sexy :) but like a casual sexy


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