If you dont ask her out quickly when she is displaying signs , will she lose interest? Specially when there is an ex in the background?

A girl was giving me signs, touching, making eye contact but i did not pull the trigger.
One day she was sitting with me and kicked me on my leg but i still did not ask her out ,
and after that she stopped giving me signs and hints, and kinda avoids me and moves her chair away from me..
And the ex was making moves on her and asking her out and i heard that she started hanging out with him, And she did not come to class since 2 months and our semester is about to end.
Did she lose interest?

  • She lost interest cuz I din't make a move, and on top of that there was ex in the back. She saw me as i lack confidence and dumped me for her ex coz he was acting like a man and asking her out.
  • If she comes back , i should ask her out , she is still interested.
  • If she comes back, i should ask her out but chanes are that she will say no coz its been 2 months she dint come to class. Its pretty much over for me.
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What Girls Said 1

  • What? She gave you hints and you did NOTHING? She is losing interest. Better make one last attempt before she's gone.

    • She stopped coming , its been 2 months :(
      The second last day she came to class.. she kicked me on my leg , i still did not make a move.
      After that.. the last day she came to class... she moved her chair away from me and kinda avoided me..
      After that its been 2 months... she did not come to class

    • Ouch, well she couldnt just fell off the face of the earth. Now is the time to show your interest by visiting her at her home and expressing concerns. at least thats what good friends or bf's do.

What Guys Said 1

  • Lol she kicked you and still didn't get a response 😦. Yeah she's losing interest fast, you need to literally go ask her out tomorrow but it's 50/50 at this point