Do you think there's interest?

This girl I know through mutual friends and I work at the same large company. Since we've worked for the same company almost a year now, we haven't run into each other. Yesterday she walks into the common area we see each other and she looks away immediately. Then goes and sits across the room from me. I look up and she's flipping her hair around. After 20 mins I get up and walk over to her. She looks up at me like she doesn't know who I am. Then she goes "oh hey!" And we start talking for almost 30 minutes. It was super awkward at for the first 5 minutes. Anyways we hit it off and out chat was great. She said "I looked you up when I found out you worked here" in my head I was like yeah but you pretended you didn't recognize me a few minutes before. She was also sitting while I was standing and kind of had her boobs proped up on the table so I could see them with her hands and arms underneath then. She asked where I sit and she would swing by my desk next time she's in town, she works in another location 30 mins away.

shoukd I make a move? 😁


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  • If u think she feels the same way go for it!

    • That's why I'm asking?:)

    • I think she might but ull never know if u don't go for it

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  • Question: If you can remember, were her hips or shoulders angled towards you or away from you while you were talking?

    Because clearly, if they were (and based off everything you've typed), she's into you. Non-verbal body language doesn't lie.

    Go for it, bruh.

    • Hmm slightly pointed at me maybe I mean I was the one that had to end the convo 😁

    • She was digging you. Again, go for it.

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