What should I do with this guy?

I've been going out with a 22 year old guy who is a person of a few words but when he talks to me he talks a lot. We live more than an hour apart so he drives the long distance whenever we agree to meet. I met him at a social event where we had a romantic night together and then he took me home. The next time we met he also tried to kiss me but at the last moment he stopped (any ideas why? I was drunk and he was not btw), even though the rest of the time was still pretty romantic and he even introduced me to one of his friends.
Then we started going out more seriously. The last time he asked me on a date was a month ago. He didn't show up. The next day I asked him through text what happened and he apologised and told me he got too drunk and he couldn't drive to the agreed place. I responded by saying that he could have told me he wasn't coming. He didn't reply and now he haven't spoken for almost a month - that's the problem.

Something similar happened before but I didn't take it too seriously because we were at an early stage of dating. At that time I reacted by asking him some weeks later to go on a date - he agreed and everything turned out to be fine. Since things have been more serious lately, I think I should react differently this time.

Back to the present: Should I wait? Should I initiate a date? Do you find his mistake acceptable? Could he be just embarrassed due to his mistake?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading and answering :)


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  • I have no idea why he does that. do you think he would act differently in a relationship? doesn't sound like the most trustworthy and determined dude on Earth.

    • I have no idea of his past relationships. I don't even know if he had them.
      My friend has known him for a long time and she told me that he's a really good guy but he's usually taciturn. When this awkward no contact situation happened the first time, she told me that he was asking her stuff about me (they live near each other).

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