Dealing with a broke boyfriend?

Now my friend is dating this guy who is not currently working, which means he has no momey and they don't go anywhere. He was working before, but even then he still had no money. She pays for everything. Everytime they're outside and eat something, she pays. She buys him things, gifts etc and he doesn't do the same. He stays home and plays video games all the time and she has confessed to me she is unhappy and feels like she could do better, but 'doesn't want to hurt him' What could I tell her that would make her understand she needs to leave if she's unhappy?

He also shows no signs of trying to better his situation, they've been like this for almost a year now


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  • Ask her who's feelings are more important , hers or dead beats... If within a year he hasn't found work that tells me two things , he isn't looking or he is worried the actual job will interfere with video game time


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  • tell her to dump his ass, you only have one mother in life not two. if he can't do anything then he is useless, you say she doesn't want to hurt his feeling? but he is okay hurting her wallet, nah! she isn't anyone's door mat.
    #teamdumphim please update us on what happens next.

    • She dumped him. He keeps writing to her how sad he is and how he wants to better himself lol.

    • tell him to first better his life by getting a job then he can think about contacting her, he should start working first and tell her the job and his hours,

    • he should prove he is better

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  • maybe firstly you should tell her to let his boyfriend know how she feels about this situation. if he doesn't change then time to go.

  • She needs to tell him to grow a pair and become a man or she's gone. As far as her not wanting to hurt him.. Tell her" he's been selfish for a year acting this way and you're unhappy about it. You matter too, and apparently not much to him. So do you matter to you?"


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