What do guys think when they have a crush on a girl?

What do you think or feel when you see her?

Sometimes I know a guy has a girlfriend yet has a crush on a girl... WHY?


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  • I think she's the most gorgeous person on this planet and I think of no one or anything else.

    And then I start to try to get to know her, if I don't. If I do, then I talk to her more and more and start dropping those hints that let her know I like her.

  • dont act differently not letting her know

    plan and strategize to seduce her...

  • God I want her so bad
    I want to fuck her
    And make her happy
    Make other women jealous of her
    God I want to fuck her so bad
    Her body is amazing OMG
    If she doesn't have a boyfriend
    Or think I'm ugly, or boring, or monotone, or not enough money.
    This is not going to happen
    Nope. Def won't happen. She is way to hot
    Nope GTFO here before she sees me staring and thinks I'm weird.
    Fuck she saw me


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