Crushed like a soda can?

So I had a crush on this guy for a couple of years. He is nice to me, smart, and very handsome. Now before you judge me let me tell you this- I am a very good student, I don't like guys easily, and I'm not one of those creepy stalker girls lol. But recently he has gotten a girlfriend, who I knew way before him, and now their dating. Now I don't hate her or him, because that is just wrong, nor am I jealous. But everytime I see them together, even when they post on facebook, it just breaks my heart. Because throughout all of those years I had a crush on him- and I TRIED EVERYTHING to get his attention, and I did but he's hard to read. Sometimes he used to flirt sometimes not (before he dated her) . Anyways... my question : any advice on how to forget about him and move on? I don't want to be stuck on him, but I feel crushed and broken at the same time. Anybody out there who can relate and maybe give some good advice? I appreciate it- thank you!


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  • just avoid him, and unfriend him on Facebook. So you don't have to see that shit, and be reminded every 10 seconds that he's with her and not you. Eventually you'll be thinking about him less and less, until you forget about him entirely. Try finding some other people to flirt with too it will help you forget about him.

    • Thank you- because those photos do taunt me. And I should avoid him. Thank you so much, your right.

    • I'm sorry you didn't get the guy :(

    • Awww thank you - I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

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  • You should get over him. You're wasting your time.