How your dream woman/girl look like?

How do you describe a perfect looking woman?
Height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, style...
(of course appearence is not that important but anyway)

for me a guy:
- blond long hair <3
- blue or green eyes
- pale skin
- around my own height (max 5" taller, may be shorter than me too)
- not obese nor skinny, preferable musclar
- plump lips and sharp facial features
- not hairy but beard may be cool too :D

yup that is it :D

Question is "ideal woman" but it must be ideal partner anyway


Most Helpful Guy

  • Height: anywhere from 4'10 to 5'6.
    Weight: doesn't matter as long as she is not too thin or not too fat for her height.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: blue or green
    Style: classy and conservatie, but i also like hipster and gamer girls.

    PS: I actually happen to fit literally every detail on your list. Its been a long time since I've heard something like that, and i just wanted to let you know that it made my day, and gave me the self esteem boost i needed :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • He needs to have
    -dark black hair long-ish or short i also like shaggy unkempt but kep looking hair
    -blue or brown eyes. Green eyes seem too feminine to me.
    -pale or light olive tan. As long as he isn't black or indian then his skin color is good.
    - height : has to be 6" and taller can't be less than 6"
    - i prefer skinny and normal dudes. I HATE muscular dudes so much. They look like greasy fuckboys
    - i agree with you plump lips, expressive sexy eyes, sharp jawline
    -beards : depends on the guy some guys clook amazing with beards some don't i prefer my man to have a normal amount of hair because if he doesn't have any hair he'll look weird but too much hair is gross.
    So basically this is how my dream man looks like more or less :

    and personality : Awesome, unique, bad ass , doesn't take shit from anyone, sweet, is hilarious , intelligent etc.


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    Red hair, green eyes, petite and slender.

    • aww she is gorgeous :D

  • For me,
    Shoulder length dark red-brown hair (not necesarily straight down, but can be done up
    Caramel colored eyes
    Roughly my hight (between 5'6" and 5'10")
    Average/tonned build
    Small to medium sized boobs (b cup)

    This is just my tastes, I am a blonde caucasian male 5'8", 150lbs, average build, and brown eyes, but other guys like other styles

    • everything except height, 5"4. :/

  • a dream woman:
    - taller than 180cm
    - between 20-30 age
    - brunett/blond/black or red does not matter but preferably long hair
    - eye color does not matter but preferably big
    - slim. 20BMI is ideal. fit and athletic
    - Long, shapely legs. shorter torso.

    these are standard beauty criterias for most.

    • taller than 180? damn. how tall are you? 200? :O

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    • Umm, majority of guys? I think you are an exception. :)

    • not in my country ;) almost all of my friends think like me.

  • I really don't have definitive details on appearance, just long hair (around shoulder length or a tad longer), thin, athletic, funny, generous, kind, and can cook. That's all I need.

  • 5ft 7"
    Pretty (not slutty)
    UK size 6-8

    Surely this is what all guys want though!! 😁

    • all guys want tall brunetts? :D

    • Of course not really but who wouldn't want the girl described in at least some way :-)

    • im not that tall 3" shorter but others are valid for me :D (and 34B)

  • Anything other than white girls usually


What Girls Said 7

  • personality is everything i can say. but if i have to choose:

    - blond or ginger hair is prefered but does not matter
    - i have a thing for blue/green eyes since mine are brown.
    - height does not matter at all
    - Not obese. it is sign of bad personality. I prefer healthy and fit.

    thats it.

  • A few inches taller than me but not over 5"11. I've got a thing for nice smiles, a moat of nicely groomed facial hair, and large biceps (and a not too small, not too large downstairs if we're counting that lol). Nice bone structure but not too harsh and gentle eyes. Generally prefer lighter complexions. Other than that, my ideal guy would reside in his personality. A guy could have everything I want physically but if I can't connect with his personality the attraction is gone.

  • For me he has to have

    -blue eyes
    -brown or black hair
    -tall or short
    -muscular but not in a on steroids kind of way
    -Funny if your not funny you have no chance with me
    -Dress neatly not a slob
    -Does football or soccor or Track

  • A really hot Korean actor

  • My girlfriend

  • What about their personality? they could be an asshole who beats the shit out of you everyday and cheats on you. You're too old to only care about just looks they fade hopefully their personality is good as well as their looks.

    • this will be MHO. Agree with that. :) I just wonder what is "beauty criterias" of men. I think personality is %97, appearence is %3 important.

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    • in my country, guys even bother if a girl is little shorter than average :S

    • what this person said is exactly how i feel about the question

  • Dark short hair, dark eyes, tan skin, tall, big frame, masculine features, dimples 🙈

    • hahaha reversed of mine :D