Is this shit normal?

Is this shit normal? Today I went to meet my girlfriends family. They seem like very friendly people and honestly they have their own way of getting along. Is just that one thing did disturb me a little. I was talking to my girlfriends dad and suddenly my girlfriend stood next to him and asked if we wanted something to drink. I said no but her dad said "get me a bottle of water" and THEN he slapped her lightly in the butt. She didn't seem to care. Anyway he kept doing it when she was in the kitchen or just around the house. Is this shit normal? Or am I trippin here?


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  • maybe for them it is normal but for a normal person like me it isn't normal, its very creepy, but maybe her family is like that. and is used to it. but seriously its very creepy.

    • Totally agree with you, honestly I see her family has their own ways. But is just her dad tapping her butt cheek is weird. I don't even know if I should tell her something about it or not... I mean if her mom hasn't say anything, should I even say something?

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    • Thanks man, your advice did help.

      I asked her and she said is normal to her since her dad has always treat her this way to signal her to "do this or do that" as if she still 5, she said he's never ever touch her inappropriately. She seem honest about it and a bit offended that I asked. But she understood that it seemed creepy to me.

    • hmm, okay no prob, glad to help you.

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