If a woman wears her best outfit and makes an effort to look good for someone.. what is her level of attraction?

She knows i like her...
She comes to class wearing these sexy tight dresses... maybe her best outfit to get my attention..
I just want to know... what is her level of attraction for me?
When girls try to make effort to look good for a guy... how much are they attracted to that dude?

  • High attraction.
  • Medium attraction.
  • Low attraction.
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  • Are you sure it's for you? It could be for another guy. Or she could just be a tease. Or she could think the dresses aren't as "sexy" as you see them.

    • im sure its for me... she wants me to chase her..
      if a woman does that... what is the level of her attraction?

    • It's hard to say. Again, she could just be a tease and enjoy your attention... she may not necessarily be overly attracted to you. Or she could be insanely attracted to you and wants to look her best. Impossible to knoe

    • If its real attraction...
      R u sure its high or insanely high?

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