Why did he text me the next day to say he really be enjoyed first date and would love to do it again soon but never follow through?

Our first date last for almost 6 hours. He made reference abiut second date by saying I will answer these question next time. He also tried to kiss me but I tell him I don't kiss on first date he respected and say I just have to see you again.

We held hands and talk afterwards and he volunteer to help me out with some stuff. Then he walked me to cab at the end and said he will talk to me soon.

He he reached out next morning to tell me he really enjoyed last night and would love to do it agai soon.

I I replied to let him know I really enjoyed his company and looking forward to seeing him soon.

Then alsmost 72 hours has gone by and no reply. I know he's on a work trip over the weekend but if he was keen couldn't he made some small talk here and there?


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  • Emotional ups and downs

    • Can you elaborate? Does it mean I should write him off? I just updated my profile so he knows I'm actively looking and not holding my breathe for him

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    • He did tell me he is very busy when we meet up. The day after first date he went on a work trip. I guess to get into touch next day to let me know he really beholden urbane would love to do it again soon was just to make sure I know he is interested?

      The thing I don't understand is he used to send me daily long email prior meeting up. So why can't he send short text now?

    • Because it's easy for men to forget the most important thing first

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  • Who knows what is up on his end... but there's an easy way to find out -- call or text him and tell him you had a great time and want to see him again and ask when he is available. (If you want something, go for it!) See how he responds

    • I have already responded to his text. Not sure if I can send another one

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    • I'm not sure that I agree with your friend regarding friend-zone.
      Why would you think he is fishing for info? For what purpose?

      People have different styles and personalities. Maybe he is waiting for you to propose a next meeting? If he is, is that a deal-breaker for you? Do you require more active interest from someone your'e dating? Are you okay with being the one to initiate a date?

      Of course, there's also the possibility that he likes you but he isn't crazy about you. There's a subtle difference between enjoying time with someone and being eager to see them again.

    • Speaking for myself I enjoy his time but I'm not crazy about him. I'm not completely over my ex. In fact we have never had a clean break. We are on good term and supproting each other to go dating. My ex just doesn't want relattionship with anyone and enjoys my company

      I prefer a masculine man who do the initiating. Since he said soon i will throw it back at him to say sure let me know. I suspect this new dude is not over his ex either as he couldn't answer what has he learnt from pervious relationship when we were in person.

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