How to close my emotions off?

since i get no where with girl and my seual life is none existant, I've kept my emotions closed off, no matter where there was a lovely girl id talk too and was friends with or who was pretty i never think anything off it because i dont see myself as a guy girls will like and for ages i was able to not fall for anyone until recently i fell for a girl and i can't stop my emotions and i need to because i know i dont have a chance with her and even if i took a chance and asked her out and if she did reject me it would be weird after because we work together or she will be weirded out.

how can i shut my emotions off, please help me


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  • I think your problem is the opposite of what you think it is. I won't help anyone shut their emotions. It's not healthy.

    • what do you mean the opposite, i mean im very friendly with people and girls but i try to of kept my heart closed off from any romantic feeling i may get

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    • yeah well whats the point in putting myself out there if no girl wants to be with me

    • You've essentially said you've never let yourself be open to it, so you wouldn't really know. If you are so guarded with how you feel and letting a woman get close, emotionally, then it doesn't matter how you look or your personality we are going to go to someone more emotionally available. We bond by getting emotionally close to a man.

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  • Ask her out its just lunch not a lifetime obligation. Start smoking pot you'll likely become more social or just really stoned and spaced out and won't care about sex