Am I being paranoid about him contacting me after 1st date?

These are the signs that make me think he likes me:

-He bought me a present, an album from a shop where he works.

-He held my hand when we left to go somewhere else, and also before we went home.

-He kissed me out of the blue on the cheek, just as we left a shop.

-He mentioned future plans like, he was saying he'd lend me this dvd (which obviously means I'd have to see him again).

-I wasn't sure how I was gonna get home, and he said I could stay at his, and he would sleep on the sofa.

-He offered me his jacket, but I didn't take it.

-He said I was cute, when I said I was a loser about something.

-He brushed something off my nose for me, twice.

-He said sorry when his knees touched mine across the table, and touched my knee when he said it.

-He asked if he could kiss me before my bus came, and he asked if kept asking if I wanted to see him again.

-He told his mum about me (he doesn't live at home, though) and asked if I'd told my parents.

From all this, I thought he likes me, but he asked me to text him when I got home, which I did. I said "Just got in. Thank you for a lovely night, and the cd, of course! Hope I haven't woken you up..."

That was 2am Sunday morning (uk). Now it's Monday morning. Am I being paranoid about him not texting yet? I know I didn't actually give him anything to reply to. Need some expert dating advice please!

He's really shy. He gave me his number to contact in the beginning because he was worried he has scared me off and wasn't sure if I was interested. He seemed to have low self esteem. So should I not contact him-or maybe wait until tomorrow?


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  • It doesn't matter what he did before, it only matters what he does now.

    If he's not contacting you now, then he's not interested.

    Move on, until he shows up with another gift...

    ~ Robby


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