Is it safe to say that this guy is done with me?

To make it short, I met a guy online 2 weeks ago. We started texting dirty and the very next day he asked me out on a date. He had to reschedule it because of work so we had a date few days later. It was good, just a casual "getting to know each other" thing, without any flirting. When we were parting ways he asked for a second date in upcoming week and I said yes. We texted (not much though), he used all the sweet emoji's and asked me how come I've been single for a year when I'm so beautiful. I then invited him over my place (as a second date suggestion) and he was happy to come. So he came, we had a nice chit-chat, made dinner together and talked about our lives in general. He was mostly talking about his work and how tired of it he is, how he wants to relax from all of it and how he is pretty much insecure about what he wants to do (join the big company or keep his own company), yada, yada, yada. He also mentioned how he is not sure if he is gonna stay in our country. Besides that, he couldn't take his eyes off of me and was always smiling at me. Still nothing physical happpened, even though I gave him all the green lights. He seemed pretty nervous, walking around my apt. then sitting down, then walking again... So on his way out, we had a breef staring moment and when I leaned on to try to kiss him, he turned his cheek. I felt embarressed. I texted him about that later and he said "We'll leave it for the next time" and then I said how I really want to kiss him TODAY (stupid I know) and he brushed me off with "Don't make me look a douche". That was 2 days ago and I still haven't heard from him.


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  • I dont think he is done with you for that. He would be an idiot. What I think is that he wasn't ready to get physical as in kissing , sex, etc. You are probably wondering 'WHY" especially since you guys have been having dirty flirts..