You are responsible for the kind of relationships you have had. True or false?

I asked a similar question but I think it would be more appropriate as a poll.

Are you responsible for the quality of your past and present relationships?

  • True, you are responsible for who you chose date
  • False, you are not responsible for the relationships you enter
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course you're responsible or WHO you choose to date. As for the quality of past/present relationships... maybe you hold 80% of responsibility for that. Keeping in mind that it's all in you to put in the effort+compromise, but there are external factors like how much of that you get from your partner.


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  • We are responsible for the relationships we enter and how we conduct ourselves.


What Girls Said 2

  • I can't vote cause on the fence here. You are responsible for your actions in a relationship. You are responsible for picking an obvious bad guy/asshole. But people can be really good actors. But you're responsible for when you leave.

    Like it's not your fault that someone hits you it is your fault if you choose to stay.
    It gets more complicated obviously. People are manipulative and there other things that get involved


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