Should I email a girl who didn't respond to my last email?

I live and work in London and an Italian girl from my previous job which I left a month ago gave me her email on my last day, we weren't particularly close but was always friendly and professional with each other.

I emailed her a few days later asking how she was how she was and if she wanted to meet for coffee sometime. She replied saying it was a nice surprise to hear from me and that we should organise regular coffee catch ups and that she was off to Italy for a few days with work.

I replied back saying how nice it would be for her to go back to Italy and asking if she would get a chance to see her family out there and that we should definitely arrange something when she was back but it's now been two weeks and I have not had a reply back.

Is it worth sending another email? I have nothing to lose in terms that I no longer work there and will never see her again if she doesn't reply however I'll be honest and say that she is stunning and I am not particularly great looking. I am also a little shy and am not particularly good at doing this whole thing.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, it's not worth it.


What Guys Said 1

  • No, I think you better wait for couple of weeks before trying to contact her again. maybe she's just been busy in Italy, and haven't really checked her personal emails yet.