Is it possible she likes me, or no?

I have known her for some time now, and always really liked her. She liked other guys though, dated other people etc. However, I still liked her as a person, and even if it couldnt be romantic, I enjoyed her as a friend. she's always been sort of flirty with it, but I didn't think much of it since she always had other guys or talked about other guys etc.

Lately though, she seems a lot more flirty, touchy, etc (hints on prom). Today especially, we both got called down out of class, and instead of going back to class right away, she said lets just walk around the school together. So we spent 10 min just alone joking and walking around. However, when I'm with other people, she seems to ignore me, or acts shy. When its just me and her, she seems happier and more easy going. Sometimes she ignores texts, or gives one word replies (or ignores me in person), other days she's super talkative to me and kind. Thoughts, ideas?


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  • It may be possible, but then again, she sounds sort of unstable.


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