How do u feel the love you feel for your significant other?

What is love to you? do u get butterflies when you think of your significant other? do u love talking to them? is sex important to you? Im just curious on love in general


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  • I do get butterflies when I think of him, yeah. The things I feel for him kinda change... When I'm away from him, it's almost like an anxious feeling. A jittery, expectant feeling like I'm excited to get back to him. I look forward to coming home and seeing him every time. When I'm with him, it's like a lot of warmth and comfort and almost like everything kinda slows down and becomes much more relaxed. I love talking to him, he constantly makes me laugh. Sex is important, I enjoy making him feel good and I enjoy him making me feel good, but I don't think it's a major part of our relationship.

    • how long have u guys been dating :) ? does the jittery feeling go away on some days? and then come back?

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    • I don't think that my passion for him has faded very much, no... I think that perhaps my feelings aren't quite as intense, like it's not so overwhelming anymore, y'know? It's not like my love for him is running up and slapping me in the face anymore (I mean sometimes it catches me off guard and it does, but those are just moments when I look at him and are like 'god, you're so freaking beautiful'), it's just something that's always there. I guess I'd explain it like a fire. I think it used to be like a bonfire - it was something unavoidable and flashy and overpowering. Now it's like a fireplace, it's there and you can always feel it, this gentle warmth that's keeping you soft and pliant and relaxed in the background that you can enjoy but can also still focus on other things.

      And hell yeah, we've had a lot of big fights. We were close friends for four years before getting together so we knew each other really well - we got frustrated with each other and yelled at some points :P

    • makes sense ! tnx for answering

  • It's a very warm feeling inside

    Also a deep feeling of longing

    It depends on the times, but I feel safe and happy with him, like I belong with him.

    Also, I like imagining our future together.

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