Is this an excuse to date me or does she even respect me at all?

we have known each other for like 3 years and i asked her out yesterday
she told me she can't date me cause she wants to focus on school and her career and she is still hurt by her ex they dated for a year.
she said she will re-think about dating me
there is also this other guy where she is flirting with him but nothing is said about him i found out by myself in secret (she tells the world she has known him for awhile and all the couple pictures were taken ages ago and says that she is single to him)
do you think she would date me or him
in her eyes i dont know about him


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  • She is probably more interested in him.


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  • Well, if she is putting you down, not talking to you but is flirting with the other guy, then the chances for you are very slim. I don't think she will consider dating you, there are more chances of her dating the other guy. Yes unless something goes wrong between them, then you may have a chance.

    However as of now, no I don't think she will date you.


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  • She is blowing u offand ur acting like u have no self respect... walk away dude if u want to have any chance with this girl

  • She is trying to let you down easy, move on.

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