Guys- Why do you lie about age in your online dating profile?

I will keep this as brief as possible. In the past I have dated men who lied about their age online. I've learned from those lessons, or I thought I have. 6 months ago I met a guy I like a lot, we have been dating and exclusive for a while. On my online dating profile, I stated how I don't have tolerance for guys who lie about their age, it was clear and at that time, I jokingly, stated that I'm not looking to date a 50 year old. I'm 36 years old.

The guy's profile said he was 47 years old. I did not directly ask him to confirm his age when we met, but I did share my experiences related to men who lied about their age in the past. So he knows how I feel. Fast forward to this week - since I was considering having him meet my son for the first time, I decided to run a simple background check just to make sure (& I'm not asking for advice as to when to introduce my son to a guy). He is supposed to be 47, turning 48 this year, but it turns out he is 49, turning 50. Why would he do this? I know many of you will say that he only lied by reducing 2 years... but it's still being dishonest.

I really like this man, but starting to wonder what else is he lying about. I have 2 questions. My worry is not that he is 50, he really looks physically good, I can be with him. My worry is whether he is lying about anything else.

First- guys why do you feel the need to lie in your profiles? This baffles me.

second- how should I handle a conversation with him regarding this? Should I even consider continuing with him? As I mentioned I have lots of positive feelings for him, but I don't want to make the wrong choices.



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  • Hey its not a big deal... ur trying to make an issue out of nothing...
    If ur so much bothered about it.. just ask him straight... ask him in a joking manner...
    just say "i dont think its gonna work out".. then he will say "why?"
    and then u say "i was looking to date a guy who was 47 but ur 49..."
    do it all with smiles... and then he might tell u the real reason...
    dont try to sabotage ur relation for this fuckin small thing

    • Hungry_Shark, thanks for your opinion. Just reading this made me laugh & smile a lot. I like your sense of humor, I will try that. Other than this, he has been really good to me

      I remember one of the guys I dated and kind of stopped dating for this reason... told me I should not make a big deal out of this. I could not help it, but make a big deal. I really do not want to let this guy go though, if this is his only 'offense'

    • No this is not an offence if u do it in a joking way...
      but if u do it in a way which shows ur butt hurt and angry then yeah he might take it as an offence...
      i know it bothers u a lot since u dont wana fuck up at this age... u wana settle down...
      but be calm and composed and see how he reacts when u bring up this issue...
      if he treats u right, not cheating on u and u see he is a genuine guy then relax.. there is nothing to worry about... but if he is a devious kind of a dude... then yeah maybe doubt a bit.
      But really 47, 49.. i dont see much of an issue here... yeah it would have been an issue if he would have posted 37 as his age.. but 47,49 .. nah.. its not an issue..
      but still ask him in a joking manner... im sure he will tell u clear straight answer

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  • No way!

  • Why would you?
    "So Hi! I'm a liar... Date me?"
    Don't think so

  • I don't understand why would anyone lie in order to appear one or two years younger. It doesn't make any sense. Maybe he put it randomly?

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