Is this a rebound relationship?

I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago and after that i dated some guys but i felt that i was not ready. Now i am dating another guy and i feel that i like him but i don't feel crazy about him, he is nice and treats me very good but still feel that something is missing.

I don't talk with my ex 2 months ago but i admit that sometimes i check his facebook and i want to talk to him.

  • YES
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  • YES, but it can become a solid relationship
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  • If you dont feel crazy about him and u still miss ur ex...
    that definitely to think about... i would suggest u to contact ur ex...
    if he's single and asks u to hangout with u.. then dump the current guy and go to ex...
    but its all upto u...
    listen to ur heart... there is no point in being with a guy who just treats u nice but ur not crazy about him


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  • This isn't fair on the new guy, if you aren't feeling it then let him go