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For almost a year I've known this guy, we had a date once that was fun, we made out a few times at a party but things just ended. No reason actually. A few weeks ago the texting began again and we decided to go out for drinks, which was a lot of fun! We finally shared a connection I missed a year ago. So he asked me to go out for a second date, which was also great. A few days ago we went on a third date, which was even better. I really have that feeling of romance buiding up. He is very interested in anything I have to say, we laugh a lot (like all the time actually) and I am starting to really like him and feel comfortable with him. He is really easygoing, funny and sweet. We have spend the night together a few times, but I said I wanted to take it slow, so nothing happened... Beside kissing. He is very respectful. I also told him I had a great time and would like to see him again, to which he responded that he would like that too but is busy with his deadlines. That same day he texted me: 'it was such a great night! How are you doing?' However I am not very good at texting... At the moment I am in the middle of my exams so I am studying all the time. He is also a very busy guy, with a lot of volunteer work, his education, so our convo's on what's app are very dull. Nontheless he texts me everyday how everything's going etc... Today as well. He told me what he had been up to and stuff, I saw the message but was too busy to reply. All of sudden, after an hour after his last text he sent: 'I can hardly meet you this week.'
I replied: 'Oh but I am busy as well, that's alright!' He read it, no response. I alreay assumed we had no time, since my exams are not over until Friday and he has to go on a family holiday this weekend, so it seemed utterly logical to me we wouldn't be meeting up :P.
What was this text? Is he done with me and doesn't want to say it? Should I initiate something?

Thanks for the help!!!


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  • No I think your looking in to deep. Just message him as soon as you get free time enough to let him know that your not getting cold feet that these studies are just driving you mad at the moment , but they are almost over

    • Hi Bryon, thanks for your reply :). But he is the one who says he has no time this week? Even though I also don't haha. Why do you think he texted this?

    • With all the activities that you mentioned he is involved in I would have to say he will just be bogged down with things that he will need to do. Don't look to deep into it at this point , give him the benefit of the doubt. If things persist in this direction next well of maybe even by this week end I would say it's time to become concerned

  • I'm on the puritanical side when it comes to dating, but I'll give my two cents. There are several possibilities: he could be stringing you along, he could be confused himself about the situation, or he could just genuinely be busy. If you like the dude, then be outright about it and tell him soon to clear up any confusion. Ask him what he wants from you. Also, keep sex out of the picture for a while. If he likes you, then he'll wait for it; if not, that's your sign that he may have only been interested in getting off.


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