Should I be concerned if my boyfriend asks me to lend him money?

I've never been in a long relationship, and this guy is nice to me and treats me well. He doesn't have a well-paying job, but he pays for most our dates- except a few times. He asked me for a pretty decent amount of money, and he said he will pay me back in a week. I couldn't tell him no, for he is not a guy who stocks up his money- he spends money on dates. He is a kind guy, but still am worried.

Is it OK to lend money to a boyfriend in a relationship of less than a year?


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  • How long have you been dating?

    As long as it's a few months or more then I think it is fine. He said he's paying you back next week. But I would watch to see if he does what he said.

    • Yes 6 months.

      I told him no man has ever asked me for money, and I feel it's weird, but I trust him. He explained he is sorry to ask me because he had issues with his friends in the past.

      I will wait for days then ask him for the money.

      I can't deny that it's a turn off.

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    • Yes you're right. I'll wait till a bit longer than a week and see if he gives it back to me or not. It should be a test too (s**t- the amout is pretty big, so I might be screwed if am unlucky!)

      Thanks girl:)

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  • I would lol!

  • I'm leaning toward no. Do you even know what the money is for?

    • Yes I do. He explained to me. It's related to his work.