Do you think relationships/dating has changed the past few years (i. e. new rules, ideas as to what it means, how they start, roles)?

If I may expand:
i mean, it seems like it's "anything goes" now.. Relationships and dating are such blurred lines. I feel as if prior years they started slower, sex was held out longer (depending on culture and location of course. I'm mostly meaning in the U. S.), the men had to have this kind of fake facade in order to take women out, it seemed like such a big ordeal... And now it's super casual and chilled. Like, the person you may end up marrying could be someone that started as sex buddy or a friends with benefits instead of having to take them on dates and woo them that way. Am I making sense? I suck at explaining this, but I just feel as if the whole dating world is very different and different rules apply now.

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  • From the looks of this site it has. Very surprised by the number of women doing things like watching porn and having fuck buddies. I feel positively old fashioned!

    I don't think its a good thing however. I can't see very many people have benefited from sexual liberation. Many woman say they like casual sex but then I see so many questions from women unhappy in these casual arrangements. Most women want commitment in the long run and most men don't want to settle down with a woman with a colourful past.

    I suppose men that want just casual sex benefit, those that can get it that is. But then most men also want more from women in the long run as well, be it commitment, love a family. So very few winners from where I'm standing. But I suppose I'm a dying breed. A dinosaur on the verge of extinction.


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  • Probably but there's just not as much incetive to spend money on dates and woo the girl. Why do I pay to take a girl out, wait months for sex and try to be romantic when girls dont tend to reciprocate the ammount of effort and 2 most of them have , on at lwast a few ocassions, spread their legs on the first date for guys they just met at a party or on tinder or sent nudes to guys they barely even knew.

    Like is it supposed to feel special waiting for those things knowing how easily everyone else got those things from her.

    If given the choice, Id prefer to be the guy the girl wants to hook up with. The guy the girl sends nudes to and sleeps with right away rather than being the guy who has to wine and dine her for months.

    I also think girls have higher standards on sexual attraction when it comes to hooking up so Id feel more flattered if a girl saw me as fling material because the bar I would have passed is set higher. Giels will date guys they aren't super attracted to but they won't have sex on the first date with giys they aren't really into.

    Being the guy they want to have a fling with is way better than being the boring stable guy she wants to take things slow with.

  • Yes, I think you are right


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