I like a girl that originally liked my friend?

So my friend had this girl over and we hung out. Originally she hung out with him and he held hands with her once but he was drunk and said he wasn't interensted in her. But now that I have met her I realized that I am starting to like her. I asked her if she wanted to hang out again and she said yes. Only problem is she is super sarcastic so I don't really know what to think. But when we were together it seemed like we were talking more than they were. What is some advise?


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  • Sarcastic to one person is honesty to another. Don't be too quick to throw a label on something. Take time to get to know her before making a rash judgement call based on the words alone , look for the meaning in what she is saying

    • I do take meaning to everyone but my friend says "oh she is probably being sarcastic". I like that advise though. I really shouldn't label any like that.

    • If you do label it at all make it because you yourself feel like it is rather than because someone ( your friend ) says it is. It does give you a heads up that she doesn't blunt what she says for sure.