Have you noticed that the girls who proclaims to hate fuckboys are the ones who are attracted and wet for fuckboys?

Also why?

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  • No heve not.
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  • Lol not true but go ahead and have your bitter parade


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  • "Yes I have" and most of those hoes are stupid anyway. I mean they'll get used and abused by 5 fuckboys, yet still not learn their/a lesson HAHAHAHA

    • Too true, haha.

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    • No problem :)

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  • Those are just the immature girls who don't even know what they want

  • fuckboys get pussy... just saying, some girls don't mind being let down by these faggets

  • Women's mating instincts cluster around two basic strategies. The promiscuous strategy and the caregiver strategy. The promiscuous strategy is to mate with a guy who pulls other girls because there is a chance whatever attracts them will be passed to your male offspring and spread your genes far and wide. The caregiver strategy is to mate with a guy who will dedicate himself to you and your children to give them survival advantage.

    The best of both worlds is the 'reform' a promiscuous guy into a caregiver. That's why you see this a lot in romance novels.

    One of the things about the promiscuous guy is after he has moved on it would be advantageous for him not to mate with any other women so that their offspring don't get the advantage of his genes. Hence the 'he left me and now he must die' attitude you see in many women.