Want me to ask her to prom/like me?

Im extremely confused with this girl. We have been friends for some time now, not dated or anything, just close friends. I'm actually really close to her, enough that its almost like I'm her boyfriend and vice versa. However, she has always liked other guys etc. I have tried asking her out, never got a no definitively, but never truly got a yes (sure, I don't know maybe etc).

However, with Prom rolling up, she keeps talking about it to me, and how she doesn't have a date. Especially how she doesn't have a date. I asked her if we didn't get dates we should go together (jokingly) and she said "We'll see haha". Today, we had to choose seats and she came right next to me, started taking about prom, showed me her Prom shoes and everything etc. Weirdest line she said was "Look at my dress and shoes, but your going to see them anyway (in a sort of flirty manner, eyes dilated etc)". Recently, she has wanted to spend I guess, more time with me, Wanting to walk around class together, sit next to each other etc.

However, she can be hot and cold with me, ignore me, and then super talkative and flirty with me (more than any other guy). Biggest thing I noitce is her pupils seem dilated now. Its hard though, as I don't know if she just trusts me enough, seeing as she comes to me and always shares things with me? Any ideas to test the waters before asking if I should? Could she like me?


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  • She trusts you very much, and based on your explanations, I must say that she likes you!

    Does she have other friends other than you (especially females)? They may have any knowledge whether your loved one here has a date to prom. Ask them about this. You could also drop hints personally or through text (jokingly talking to her about prom dates) to your loved one so it will be obvious that you're interested to ask her to prom. If she can read through this move, she'll be alerted that you're about to ask her.


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