Is he leading me on?

I've been on 4 dates with a guy I really like, and I just found out that he had a girlfriend while we went on our first date, and they broke up just after that. Out of the four times we've been out, I've asked him 3 times, and the fact that he's never said no led me to believe he's into me. He's never made a move though, the most physical contact we've had is a hug. Could I have misread the situation? But if so, why does he keep saying yes to dates?


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  • Well a guy who hasn't been honest with you even before your first date, then you think you can trust such a guy to be your future partner? ask yourself that question.


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  • I don't think he's leading you on. He already broke up with his girlfriend. He probably wants to take things slow with you, that's why he is not making moves on you.


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  • I think he likes you but just doeant have you first on his agenda you know...


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