How long to wait for a guy to call after the second date until you can safely assume that he is not going to call?

Went on 2 dates, both initiated by him. Second date went not so good because he refused to kiss me. This was 4 days ago and still no contact. He is long gone, right?

  • Few hours
  • A day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • A week
  • Another (add in comments)
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What Guys Said 1

  • hun hit him up if he asked you twice he might be waiting on you too call or text don't over think it

    • Well he rejected a kiss last time so I feel a bit embarrassed. He knows I feel like crap about it. I didn't asked him out, but I did dropped him a link from youbube yesterday (something he said he likes, some funny interview) and still no response. Haha I feel so stupid even asking this question when my gut feeling is already giving me a clear answer. I just hate when people ghost out. -.-

    • hun ask plain and simple if its a no move on

What Girls Said 1

  • I've had them come back after a week of no contact. The thing is if you chase them, they will run. If you dont chase them, they might come back. But if he does take a week to come back it is likely he is just lonely and figures maybe he will get back in touch... you can call him out on it and say "hey its good to see you, I thought maybe you had dropped off the radar. I do like you but I need a giy who is going to be there and show more interest by calling within the next day to arrange the next date so I know you're into me. If you are not that guy then that is totally fine, but that is what I need and I'll just find someone else who can be that guy". Or something to that effect. This tells him that you like him but you expect him to lift his game.

    • Hey that's a great advice thnx! :) But he is a really busy guy in general, he works a lot (confirmed), and he did mentioned this as a reason the last time it took him 2 days to call back. So I'm pretty sure he will use the same reason again. Do you think I should still tell him what you wrote above?