Do you think he'll ever like me back?

We met online at first I didn't think of him in any romantic ways. I just want to be friends with him.
But now I have a crush on him but I don't think he likes me.
I'm the one who always text him first, always ask questions and he never text me first never ask me questions. But he always reply my messages with smiley emoji like ^^ :) :D
But sometimes he'll send me heart emoji when he text me good night.
We talk everyday.
On Monday I text him while he was in school so I said "sorry to bothering you" and he said "no you aren't :)"
And yesterday I text him "you're cool" and he replied "Aww thanks man you're cool too :D"
What should I do? DO you guys think he'll likes me back? Keeping a convosation going is really hard :(


What Guys Said 2

  • It's not about who is texting first or not. Some guys are not good at initiating or taking the first step and this guy seems to be like that. It's fine, see the good thing in this, he always replies to your text and he said clearly you are not bothering him, then why don't you believe him?

    It's fine you take the initiative, since he always replies it shows he respects you, isn't that good?

    Yes, he might like you also, there is a good chance. Just because he is not the one texting you first, you shouldn't assume anything.

  • Thanks 'man'? Friendzone alert!

    Jokes apart, he probably has a crush on you too, Guys just aren't into texting as much as girls.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should stop trying so hard. Give him some space. It might be painful, but get really busy for the next few days. Go out and do stuff with friends or by yourself, but stay busy. Try to go for a few days without initiating texts.

    I really think this guy needs some space to miss you.

    • So should I stop texting him?

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    • I know I shouldn't text him but I waited 3 hours but he didn't text me so I sent him a text (reply to the last message he sent me) and he replied immediately. what does this mean?

    • 3 hours is NOT a long time. At all.

      Trust me. He may be interested in you, but it's really important to maintain your own interesting life. It will give you guys stuff to talk about as an added bonus to all the other benefits.

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