Boyfriend thinks I have an eating disorder?

I'm 60 kgs and I want to get to 50 asap, been really stressed lately because girls have been hitting on my boyfriend. I used to have anorexia, binge eating disorder and bulemia but not anymore. I went on a water fast for 4 days, had a massive fever today and he came over and criticised me for what I did, and said I don't want to deal with your issues.

Then he makes me eat 2 fried eggs, smoothie, nuts, fish and a sandwich. I'm upset about what happened because I wanted to look good for myself and for him, and I am stressed that he'll find someone skinnier. Then he wastes my efforts by making me eat and gets angry with me.

Help? What do I do


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  • You obviously have an eating disorder. You should talk with a professional about it. This is a serious matter.