Trying not to piss the boyfriend off... Help?

Hey everyone so I have a situation. Me and my boyfriend are doing great until these random guys (that are my Facebook friends) but I never have talked to on Facebook message me out of the blue. Never ever have met them in person, talked to them through any social media. But of course when things are going great a guy will message me. The first guy I ignored and didn't tell my boyfriend but he got pissed because I didn't reply back to Him telling him to never call me beautiful again. But just recently another guy messaged me "what's up cutie pie". I just want to ignore it but if I do not say something about being called cutie pie I feel like my boyfriend will flip out again. What do I do or even say to this guy. I know some guys will call girls beautiful or cuties trying to be nice and not because they want in their pants. However, I understand my boyfriends view point on things just do not know what to say because I just want to ignore it.


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  • why did you give your boyfriend your fb password?

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    • Because I left him my laptop with him one day so he can type a paper for class. That's a good idea.

    • the entire world calls Hollywood and Bollywood cuties, beautiful and drool over their pics. their husbands never run around yelling at the world or them. trust is the base of all relationships.

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  • HUEHEUEHUEHIHIHIHHAHAAAAAA "I will NEVER call you beautiful again" What kind of silly threat is that?

    Anyway, your boyfriend freaks out because.. You ignore those other guys?

    • He thinks I should be telling them not to call me cute or beautiful. I feel like I just should ignore it but. When I did ignore it he got upset.. So now I have no clue what to say to the guy that called me a cutie pie..

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    • Thanks means a lot! And you are sure right about that. He would flip the fuck out of he was your boyfriend xD

    • So yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      If you agree with this opinion, form it in your own words (Or show him this post. Not sure if he'll laugh with me laughing at his threat hihi)
      This is just a really small issue :) there is no need to make it big