She is uploading songs and poems for me after 3 months of breakup? please help?

My English translation of name is "sky"
so she is uploading poems which include sky or skies..
also on youtube she is liking songs which depict our situation... she is uploading sad songs and basically i love u songs..
i just wana know what should i do? should i wait for her or just contact her?
i broke up with her coz she was cheating on me

  • She really likes me from heart and missing me.
  • I should wait for her to contact me directly.
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  • seems like she's trying to get you to notice she wants you back, and deep down, she's hoping you contact her.

    • What should i do?

    • do as you feel, if you want to get back with her, and are able to look past the cheating, then give her 1 more chance.

      if you can't, just ignore her and leave her in your rear view mirror forever.