He always answers on first couple of rings and He responds to text asap?

But then he doesn't call back if he says "I gotta go I will call u back" he does own a business and just bought a house and is currently redoing the house. He's had a crush on me for like twenty years now we are both single and available but I get mad he doesn't call. If I call he always answers and we chat even if busy he will chat for like ten minutes then he's back to work during the day in the evenings he will chat for a while. He is a cancer male. Am I being ridiculous getting mad he doesn't call back? I said he lacked integrity for that reason. Is it ME? He says he super busy and that I should just call HIM back if he doesn't.. He's always very nice to me
alway has been!!! Now I want to see if we can be together. He's even asked me to video chat and I'm like u live down the street if u want to see me so no on the video chat. Pls advise?


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  • The video chat thing is a bit weird, but otherwise he sounds quite reasonable.

    I used to text my wife a lot during the day. She finally told me that it caused her stress because she didn't want to put me off, but also found it distracting from her work. I switched to only texting her a couple of times a week, emailing for things that didn't need same-day response, and waiting until she was free to call me, unless it is an emergency.

    When he says, "I gotta go, I'll call you back." what he might mean is that he's busy and that unless it is urgent, you guys will talk later. You interpret it as a brush off, or a commitment to respond, but he may view it as neither.

    I'd suggest you cut him some slack and try to understand his perspective.

    • Thank u and I understand your wife's point my last boyfriend called me 9000 times a day so annoying. Thank u for your great answer lol I will cut him some slack.

  • Well he may not be calling you back and I know that can be annoying, but the good thing is he has lot of respect for you, and he always answers your calls, replies to your texts and so on and these are good signs. However if him not answering calls are bothering you then you can just ask him casually as to what's up.


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  • Maybe he doesn't enjoy being on the phone all the time.