Did I friend zone my best guy friend 7 years ago? A little, well curious/confused?

Well because this guy, (lets call him Zeke) is my best friend in this whole entire universe, I obviously cannot go to him with this question without any second opinions and risk the best friendship of my life.

I had a crush on him when we first started hanging out, I was super shy and never said anything. I think I put him in the friendzone without really realizing he might have been interested in me as well.
Looking back on it, I feel as though he may have had some attraction and feelings for me.

He's always there for me, as I have been living long distance back and forth throughout the years we have always remained close. It feels as though we have known eachother for a life time,

I'm about to move back and room with him. I'm also starting to realize I may have feelings for him. Either way if we were ever anything more or not, I"m so lucky to have a friend like him and I am always so grateful for that.

These feelings became more clear about a month ago, when we were talking about an ex of mine & he mentioned to me "well you would be an awesome gf"
Zeke is super excited for me to come back for the summer. I feel like he has been flirting with me & he's just super shy. I feel like we have similar views on what we both prefer in a relationship and I opened up to him about what I want in a relationship and since then thats what I feel the flirting started.

He always picks up the phone for me, even if its 12 am his time and always calls me back even if he is tired. And he is a really good listener. He always picks me up and takes me places and we go to places and hangout one on one. SO i dont know if he's being just a super good friend or if there are feelings on both ends.

He went out of his way to buy an xbox mic the other week so that we could chat on xbox and play a video game together and he let me win. He always makes a joke and then appologizes


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  • The freindzone is not a real place it is a description of how someone whom you like has filled you away as Just a freind.
    If you really want to play it safe get really drunk or act drunk and tell him/ or get him drunk and tell him.
    However you should just tell him. Your both adults so don't play any highschool games with him.
    You two definetly have a strong enough freindship to survive this.

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    • Your welcome I hope that things turn out well.

    • Thanks for mhguy

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  • Sounds like you guys are so comfortable with eachother that even if he won't like you, you guys get through that.
    At least it sounds like he really cares about you and you guys are really perfect for eachother.
    You sound like me and my boyfriend before we dated. I just said I thought about the possibility of us dating and wondered if he wanted to try that. Very casually. It worked and right now I couldn't imagine someone better.
    You should definitely tell him how you feel. You'll wonder forever how it would be if you didn't tell him and so regret it forever.

    • That is amazing, I am glad you have a strong bond and relationship with your bf!
      Your advice was inspiring, I will be wondering for forever if I don't ask, so I am hoping to be courageous enough and brave to ask him. The question is to ask him before I room with him or during the summer? Bleh. Confusing. Thanks spuitkaas!

    • I would do it after you moved in. Always talk about it in real life and not through chat. I think if he says yes, you guys will become closer because you see eachother that much. If he says no, then it will be fine because you will have so much real life contact to get over this issue since you live together. So the real life contact will definitely help in both cases and I think through chat you can't really express genuinely feelings.
      Good luck! 🍀

    • Thank you for the MHO. I'm very curious how things went.

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  • So very sweet and touching... He will most likely be your friend for life.. I hope you get together and become partners for life.. Best of luck..

  • im sorry but this is just the most amazing I've read on here. just got to him and kiss him. you two were made for each other.

    • Ha! I wish I could be that impulsive in this situation. I'm flying in on his birthday and he was really excited to hear that and offered to come pick me up from the airport, but I already have arrangements, but what I wanted to say was YES!!! lol. Thanks for your support, Jimmyjola369!

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  • you know the answer!

    • Like I mentioned to one of the dudes above, I mean I'm rooming with him. If the answer was Yes how would that even work out by jumping in and living in the same house, although, we aren't sharing rooms. But still... ah. So confusing. I like your sureness, thanks Apple24!