Why do I feel disgust when a random stranger asks me for sex?

I will only have sex with my husband. The guy whom I will love


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  • Of course you will feel disgust. It's only natural and plus he is a stranger, there is nothing wrong with your thinking.


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  • It's okay.
    Nothing new.
    You can havehave just sext or something to know but didn't mean you need to get laid


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  • It's not secret that men would like to have sex with a woman they find attractive.
    I don't think you should feel disguised... it's human nature for men to want sex.

    However, your question seems odd.
    I'm pretty sure, no one walks up to you like "Hey, want to have sex?"
    I'm sure there's a bit of conversation flowing before they let their interest be known.

    Asking for sex out of no where, seems as if they mistook you for a prostitute.

    • lol no hun. I meant guys who fell in love with me and also guys who like me. even strangers

    • This happens to me to. Most guys want sex from a girl it's really where the stereotype "all men are dogs come from".