What do you do when your gut instinct is strong but you have no proof?

I'm seeing a guy, have been for over a year now.

recebtly I've noticed that he's paying attention to one girl in paticular on Facebook (she posts regularly) and I've seen a few flirty texts from her when I've been looking at his phone with him. He'll "love" photos she posts of her smiling and pulling silly faces with friends - nothing sexy. The texts are like "you're so sweet" and "🤗😘".

i confronted him about him seeing someone else and he said no and apologised for making me feel ignored. I felt this way because of social media and at the time he was studying for exams and I wasn't hearing from him as much. Like he's usually pretty active on fb but some nights he won't be active for 20+ hours and I wouldn't have heard from him in that time. I've seen no signs of a girl being at his place.

His is exam is over and everything's back to normal, great sex, we make each other laugh, I'll hear from him more often (he even texts me while I'm at his and he's on the toilet). I've met his family (apart from his mum) and his friends, and see him once a week for a sleepover due to our work commitments and hi living 30 mins to an hour away. He doesn't have many (if any) close girl friends.

he he said the thought of me with anyone else kills him - should I just drop it? My gut feels something is happening between them.


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  • I know how you feel but really just don't think much of it.. there's an old saying 'what you don't know can't hurt you', and I think the best way to avoid suspicion is to act like there isn't any present. Relationships will always have those sorts of problems but you've got to build confidence with your partner and make an open and honest relationship. I also suggest being really active and make use of all your time so your not sitting idle thinking about your partner in bed with you haha, I used to have that problem all the time. Hobbies always work, especially things like sport which create the sort of positive energy that you feel you need from your partner. Hope it helps.

    • Thankyou, that's a really honest opinion. He's a honest guy so I know he would tell me it's just hard to get past these things for me. His behaviour isn't abnormal, he still cuddles me the majority of the night and gives me little kisses randomly. But I still can't help but think he's doing the same to this girl too

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