Can you help me get a match on tinder? I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong like is it a numbers game where there's more males then females or is it a case where I'm not attractive enough for the app and therefore can't find a match

Thanks for any suggestions or help
Thanks again


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  • - Your smile is forced. You should either stop smiling or you should try a more genuine-looking smile.
    - Try taking a picture from a different angle.

    • I don't like smiling but people say you have to put pictures up where your smiling

    • And even in ones where I'm legit smiling it doesn't get me anywhere

    • Like I really believe I'm unattractive

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  • -Go somewhere to have your eyebrows shaped/trimmed a bit

    -Shave the patchy areas of beard, or just go clean shaven.

    -Take a picture from a more flattering angle. Close up pictures shot from below you are notoriously the least flattering for most people. 3 feet away with the camera SLIGHTLY above you will be MUCH more flattering. Maybe have someone else take the picture.

    -Either try a smile that seems less forced or dont smile at all. There was a study that found women think smiling men are less attractive so not smiling might be the better choice.

    • I don't like smiling that was forced but outside of that stuff I could actually get a match

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    • I could do it but I still would feel like I'm ugly

    • I have really low self esteem

  • The weird-looking smile probably isn't doing u any favors

    Lol mouth closed, bruh

    • Well I don't smile period but people say you gotta smile for pictures on there it's why it's forced

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